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Thank you for visiting Brian My work and effort centers around technology, filmmaking and human development. That being said, I am constantly in some form of production (FlipSide Speaks and Effective Front) some type of technology, OVIPP, and use these two for some social engagement, The Leverage House and Genius Ready. Please take a look around at my educational and social blogs.

Video Pinpointing

In 2015 I started working on a better video player. There has always been problems with viewer video abandonment. The goal is to target the audience to the appropriate area of the video versus having the viewer to watch content that’s unwanted. You can use the ‘Navigate Video’ pane on top of the video to quickly get to points of interest. Each of the links are searchable as well. Check it out here: OVIPP.

Camera Simulation

In 2012 while working with filmmaking students I was looking for methods to help them learn the parameters of the camera. So I started to develop a simulation camera. I didn’t finish it until the end of the school year. So the students I intended to help throughout the year didn’t get the benefit until they were graduating. You can check it out here:

Commentary About Education

The Speaker’s Missing Element

There is a speaker that commands a large audience. She only takes invitations where she knows that all seats will be filled, all eyes on her, all cell phones set to record. Participants are usually mesmerized. They can usually vividly remember the passionate words that impacted them at that particular moment. <MORE>

Legacy Contradiction

When legacy is brought up in a conversation or as part of a mental exercise, there is usually some consensus of what one will leave to the next generation. One might begin to dwell upon one’s life work, their contribution to society, or their philosophy cultivated over time.  <MORE>

The Mentor Disadvantage

There are many advantages to mentoring. A child in need now has guidance, someone to look up to, and someone to ask for advice. The disadvantage is that mentoring over time can generate inconsistencies, usually with regards to the schedule. Mentoring takes time, systematic time, and this is the problem. <MORE>

A Great Leave Behind

American culture does not place much emphasis on how to properly end life. We all know that it is coming one day, yet there is usually a foggy apprehension to strategically focus on how one’s life will end. There aren’t any commercials, billboards and actor endorsements to purchase your will or end-of-life package. It is even a hard sell for investment firms to rally their troops around life insurance. <MORE>

Commentary on eLearning

I find eLearning to be quite fascinating. Not in terms of the technology sake but in terms of the engagement sake. In many ways for me it adds to the learning process. With eLearning comes the investigation of other methods to use with the learning process. This method changes the way learners can experience learning. Learning can begin to evolve around the learner versus the learner having to be subjugated by the existing pedagogies. <MORE>


The Double Edged Sword of Education

There are two basic parts to education. First you learn something then you do something with it. Educational institutions are good at focusing on the teaching aspect. They teach tons of math, English, social studies, history and science for the purpose of student learning. There isn’t always, however, the correlation made concerning how to do something with the education received. MORE

Does Our Grading System Suck?

We live within an educational system that passes students who receive A’s through D’s. As long as the student’s grade card is stamped with a “D” or higher he or she moves on to the next level. This “moving on” idea is only sufficient for education. Take this same idea and apply it anywhere else and it sounds crazy. For instance, what if you are an employer and there are four people sitting in the lobby waiting for those great interview questions from you? MORE

Who is Being Cheated?

There are thousands upon thousands of students who are being cheated everyday of the school year. It is not only everyday but in every class by most teachers. Who are these students? It is not what you might think. This group represents students who are testing above the standard, but are not meeting their potential. They are not being pushed or given the resources to excel.  So these students are falling behind in the same manner as students who are testing below standard or at standard. Why should we bother to even think about this group? MORE

How Can A Good Student Still Miss The Mark?

How do better students benefit society? The answer to this question addresses the standards educational systems and the instructors within them use to cultivate the students. There are a lot of incentives for teaching students to be their best possible. It is the adherence to rules and regulations. It is the understanding of what the instructor expects and delivering on the teaching objectives. At the end of the day the student has learned compliance in the academic setting which can be transferred to the work place, which is a good thing. MORE

Filmmaking Series

I usually have multiple projects going on in this area. This year I started a YouTube series that focuses on creating fictional short comical films based off current news headlines (FlipSide Speaks). I am working with different writers from the D.C., New York, LA, and Austin area. Each week we pitch around ideas and then one of those ideas turns into a short screenplay. My Austin group, Austin Acting for Everyone, provides the actors. My group, Austin Filmmaking for Everyone, provides the crew (along with Craigslist). It is a very organic experience. Most of the crew have come from craigslist. All volunteer, which makes the process very collaborative. Listening to everyone provide their expertise. Some are purely trying to learn while others want to sharpen their skills. We film one everyone Sunday, but we did skip filming on Super Bowl Sunday. Most are die hard football fans.

Uber Man

This first one was titled Uber Man. Fox News reports how Uber driver Keith Avila is able to save a girl from an alleged sex traffickers. We as a society can and should take responsibility for our citizens. We at FlipSide have put a humorous spin on this story to widen the stories reach to audiences that do not follow news or news worthy content. Here is our take on the Uber story. We call it Uber Man. Read more about the Fox News story HERE.

Meryl Streep

This is a different take on Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe speech. What is the ripple effect that takes place with the viewers, listeners and the overall audience. This story piggy backs on this idea. Read more about the article HERE.


As President Obama leaves office he is able to pardon many. Watch our fictional portray and read more about it HERE.

Women’s March

Woman around the world plan and execute a march against Trump’s presidency. Here is our fictional approach to it. Read more about the news article HERE.

Filmmaking Shorts

I made a transition from engineering to filmmaking when I was in college. I caught that filmmaking bug and just ran with it. Looking back I would have continued my studies in engineering and then when on to filmmaking. With an engineering background I could develop new filmmaking technologies. In some ways I do that now, but how much more with a formal education in engineering. So in this respect I shot myself in the foot. Letting my desires get the best of me. But that’s all hindsight. There’s nothing stopping me from indulging myself into engineering practices now and creating that next “it” camera housing, apparatus or contraption.

For up-and-coming young filmmakers I wrote a “We Make Films” book while I was teaching. It will get anyone up-to-speed quickly with filmmaking. You can find it here on Amazon.

I enjoy watching films that are visually engaging. Below are a few shorts I have completed.