Be human?

Now that's a loaded question. Focusing on this will help solve most of our problems within society.

Is It Our Emotions?

The driving forces to our decisions.

Physical Fitness?

Sound Body/Sound Mind

Analytical Reasoning

With a multitude of choice how to choose the best one?

7 days ago
If you watched the film Rabbit Proof Fence the words "Advance Australia Fair" is how they tried to change the narrative and disregarding the actual residents they displaced. Hmmm... This sounds familiar...
7 days ago
Any filmmaker wanting to get up to speed quickly on pitching unscripted shows needs to put this podcast at the top of their list.
7 days ago
We can liken emotional restaint to fine wine. We get better with it over time. The key is start using it asap and Warren Buffett gets us going on the right direction. #emotionalintelligence #parenting #professionaldevelopment
7 days ago
Nick Jaine makes an interesting comparison that does cause us to stop and think about who gets a free pass and who gets condemned when it comes to our flag and anthem #ColinKaepernick #kneelagainstinjustice
1 week ago
Finally EI intended for the masses #EmotionalIntelligence
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Daniel Goleman @DanielGolemanEI
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