Be human?

Now that's a loaded question. Focusing on this will help solve most of our problems within society.

Is It Our Emotions?

The driving forces to our decisions.

Physical Fitness?

Sound Body/Sound Mind

Analytical Reasoning

With a multitude of choice how to choose the best one?

2 days ago
I am working on a reality show and this article explains the business in detail: by @jokeandbiagio
3 weeks ago
It takes advance levels of human development to put aside public perception and provide emotional support for a friend dealing with death. @ozzie and @ronaldacunarjr24 puts friendship in the proper perspective. #human #BeBetterEveryday #EmotionalIntelligence #emotionalmoments
Pedro Moura @pedromoura
Shoutout to Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuña Jr. for expressing tenderness
3 weeks ago
This helps to explain how strong relationships can exist at any class level. High levels of knowledge doesn't necessarily equate to high levels of human connection.
1 month ago
In America we have made great strategies for education, financial gain, and professional advancement. Sadly there isn't really one for the family.
2 months ago
If the brain doesn't distinguish then this should shed light on why it isn't necessary to be a different person at the workplace. Consistency across personal and professional life is better.
2 months ago
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