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Got Lucy – The Fundamental Truth Behind Lucy

Got Lucy – The Fundamental Truth Behind Lucy

Google “Lucy” and what do you get? You might get Lucy’s Fried Chicken or maybe Lucy Active wear, but somewhere within the search results you will see a film. The film’s title is “Lucy”, which gives us insight into something very fundamental. Before I elaborate on the fundamental standard please allow me a couple of sentences to digress on the film itself.

There is a girl, Lucy, who is accidentally infected by a chemical that allows her to use all of her brain, meaning a full hundred percent is at her disposal. With every advancing percentage she has more control over herself, others, objects and nature wavelengths.

The only hitch is that her life span dwindles to a mere 24 hours or less. That sucks, but I guess it is the cost of using one hundred percent of your brain. Lucy is unable to conclude what to do with all this knowledge, so she seeks out the advice of Morgan Freeman’s character. He gives her a response that’s so simple yet so satisfying.

The response that he gave was to simply pass it down. Pass down her knowledge to others. As such, Lucy spends the rest of the film making sure that happens. In the end she somehow becomes a liquid blob that molds itself into a futuristic computer, which spits out a storage drive filled with all the knowledge she has gained by using one hundred percent of her brain. If Lucy’s last act was to strategically pass on her knowledge, what should we take away from her endeavor? Shall we, with less use of our minds, conclude something similar?

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June 17, 2017

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