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The Book of Eli

When using a word like “sexy” along with words like “The Book of Eli”, some may find it quite contradicting. How can a Biblical book and sexy work together synchronously? Well, let me first state that if you opened a Bible you can search until your heart’s content, but you still won’t find it. That’s because The Book of Eli is actually a film by the Hughes Brothers. However, this still doesn’t explain why I would use the word “sexy” in my correlation to the film.

Let me tell you about a conversation I had with a mathematician. He created an algorithm for me for matching users online. I was using a computer programming language called PHP for development and I was inquiring as to whether he knew any good PHP programmers. The mathematician had just recently graduated from MIT, so college was still fresh on his mind. He stated that his friends really didn’t dive into PHP; “it is not sexy” was his words. He and his friends were proponents of Ruby on Rails. A bit about Ruby on Rails. It was designed for ‘ease of use’ and understandability, which is why so many programmers have gravitated to it. Now, both of these programming languages can get the job done – it is just a matter of semantics. In order for me to utilize these new programmers I had to understand what they gravitated to, what got them sitting on the edge of their seats.

This is what the Hughes Brothers did with The Book of Eli; they added a bit of sexy to the film. They did this to communicate a truth that we as the audience would otherwise look over, find quite boring or would simply pass into one ear and straight out the other. What was the truth? The truth was to be the protector of information and pass it on to others. Who was the protector in the film? Denzel Washington; his character’s name was “Eli.” Who did Eli have to inflict a bit of pain on to protect the information? A leader of a small town with a lust for power. The Hughes Brothers used this film to get “the audience” interested in seeing why it is necessary to be protectors of important information. Their smooth filmmaking techniques and cool effects were the “sexy” that moved us to the edge of our seats. So what was the take-away from all of this? What should we remember? Sometimes it is not what you communicate, but how you communicate it. If your learners are not interested in your material, maybe it is missing a bit of “sexy.”

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February 6, 2017

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