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The Mentor Disadvantage

There are many advantages to mentoring. A child in need now has guidance, someone to look up to, and someone to ask for advice. The disadvantage is that mentoring over time can generate inconsistencies, usually with regards to the schedule. Mentoring takes time, systematic time, and this is the problem. In order for mentoring to remain effective over the long term, meaning years, there needs to be an added component for effectiveness – a way of continually providing information to the mentee in a systematic way.

Leveraging technology can provide the means to bridge the gap in the time when a physical presence is not available. Skype, FaceTime and normal web conferencing are all tools to deliver communication. If we step up the technology slightly, then putting a learning system in place will provide a complete mentoring connection that is systematic. A learning system can provide guidance, advice and education continuously over the number of years that’s required for mentoring. The drawback to this process is the time it takes to create such content for a learning system; indeed, it can be quite time consuming, unless there is a break from traditional content gathering.

From a mentee’s point of view there is the need to succeed. That’s the driving force – success. The mentee sees the mentor as a person that can help with their success. The mentor holds valuable information, and the mentee wants this valuable information. Now, this information can come in the form of intellectual, emotional or athletic knowledge. Whatever the information provided, the mentor must know how to cater it to the mentee so that it is beneficial. Yet as long as the information is of decent quality, how it is delivered holds less value. Going this route can allow the mentor to prepare content in unusual ways. This can involve using a cell phone to record audio, video and images to later upload into a learning system, this being a typical or standard LMS (Learning Management System). When the LMS is quite advanced in its visual design it can hide the variation in quality of the content.

When thinking about a different approach to content creation, it doesn’t need to be cumbersome. Actually, it can be part of a simple process. Create content on your way to work, while you are stuck in traffic, or while waiting in line. Soon you will begin seeing pockets of time throughout your day in which you can do so. Once you have enough content, package it up on a LMS like Leverage House and you have a course. Give this course to your mentee and this is the communication needed during the time that traditional mentoring isn’t available. Of course, nothing takes the place of going to a football game, movie, etc., but during the time when you need to provide education, strategy and the knowhow, a LMS is your best friend – and there are no more disadvantages in mentoring.

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*This article was recycled from The Leverage House ( my site that focuses on eLearning centered around suppressing educational depravity in economically distressed areas.

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February 6, 2017

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