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Who is Being Cheated?

There are thousands upon thousands of students who are being cheated everyday of the school year. It is not only everyday but in every class by most teachers. Who are these students? It is not what you might think. This group represents students who are testing above the standard, but are not meeting their potential. They are not being pushed or given the resources to excel.  So these students are falling behind in the same manner as students who are testing below standard or at standard. Why should we bother to even think about this group? They are already doing well some might think. Not so, because in the end society is harmed. All the citizens need a fair shot to give it their all. This is why resources are allocated to students who fall below standard. With the help of the resources they are able to give it their all. In all fairness students above standard must be given the same opportunity to give their all. In order to do this we must extend the same effort to them.

Our society has put many resources into students who are falling behind. We have social services to help students who are socially unstable, psychological services to help students who are in need emotionally, educational services (and many of them) to intervene with students who are on the verge of failing. The programs range from non-profit entities like; the United Way, to Big Brother Big Sister, No Child Left Behind and even Individual Educational Programs (IEP). The list is ongoing. We have these in place because at the core it helps to satisfy a moral issue that all students should receive a good education so they are beneficial citizens to the society. The idea is that all human life is valuable, which has rippled down from our constitution that “All men and women are created equal.” If the help were not in place then this would jeopardize this large group of students that are in need of help.

Disadvantaged students must meet qualifying factors. First there must be a demonstrated need; second, there must be a lack the resources to fulfill the need and third, the student must be underrepresented. These are the three basic qualifying factors for a student to get the help they need. The end is what really justifies the means. In the end if society is harmed then the means are not in place. A recent study conducted by Yale University echoes this by showing how in the end a certain race did not receive the means.

This same harm can be done to society when students who exceed the standard lack the resources to push them forward in order to reach their full potential and capacity. They also fall within the qualifying factors. They are in need because their potential is not realized. They are lacking the resources because they need help from others to set high expectations. They are underrepresented because the thinkers, inventors and game changers are not keeping pace with the success of groups that are labeled as underrepresented. We need to give adequate resources to all students. This should include students who fall below the standard, students who meet the standard and students who excel above them. Society does not just happen. It is developed. We as a society must understand that the students who need our help are not only those who we might consider easy to identify, but also those whom we look over. What we must understand is that to eliminate the problems of today is to invest in the students who are ready to affect change for tomorrow.

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